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SCROLL DOWN to watch the music videos I've created to accompany several of my award-winning songs. Lyrics to all songs can be found on my YouTube channel. Be sure to "like" and "follow" so you're the first to hear my new releases! New videos will be added as they are released. CHECK BACK OFTEN!

Kathy's songs available for download at:


So I was messing around on my ukulele teaching myself Somewhere Over the Rainbow. And that got me thinking about colors, and then the colors are hearts go through over our lifetime. Next thing you know, I wrote Colors of My Heart - but on guitar, not ukulele! I hope you enjoy. What color is your heart?

A Honky-tonk fun sing-along-song. Download your own copy: 

A hauntingly beautiful ballad with a profound message. Started 2023 at the top of the Airplay Express Radio Chart and is the recipient of both a Platinum and Gold Disc Award. Download your own copy: 


Platinum Disc Award Winner. Reached #1 on traditional country chart based on worldwide radio airplays and #1 on another international country chart! 

A song reminding us that the simple moments are the special moments that make up a lifetime. Released 9-28-22. Enjoy! This song hit #1 on the Airplay Express chart and was awarded both the Gold and Platinum Disc Award. Download your own copy: 

Sittin' on a Rock 

Hit #1 on International Traditional Country Chart

Have you ever had to make the hard decision to leave something you loved behind to go after something you needed? Then you'll relate to this upbeat country folk song. Hit #1 on the Airplay Express chart and was honored with both a Gold and Platinum Disc Award. Download your own copy: 

Currently #1 on International Radio Country Chart

In honor of my daughter's wedding, I wrote my fifth song, "You're My Answer." This easy listening love song rose to #1 on the Airplay Express Chart and received both a Gold and Platinum Disc Award! Download your own copy: 

#3 on International County Chart. On chart for 30 weeks!

Life is a bumpy road, filled with highs and lows. We can all relate. This slow folk song sums it up and was well received on the Fan Voted Chart, rising to slot #3 against stiff competition. Download your own copy: 

Mr. Dementia Man

Hit #1 on Charts!

Timely. True. Our leader has done more to destroy the USA within just 9 short months than any President, ever. In the humorous lyrics of my fourth release, Mr. Dementia Man, 20 of his deeds are counted outThis country/ folk song was not played on radio stations in the US, but is was across the pond and landed at #1 in early July of 2022, receiving a Platinum Disc Award! Download your own copy: 

Hit #3 on Chart

My third release, A Feather from Heaven, hit the air on April 30, 2020. It's a Texas blues kind of feel that I'm very proud of. Written in response to a very dear friend crossing over, despite the sad circumstance, this song is a celebration of love transcending death and put to the music style he loved: a little bit blues and country sprinkled with rock-n-roll. This song ended up hitting #3 on the Fan Voted Country Chart, against competition of the heaviest of hitters in the music industry! Download your own copy: 

Hit #6 on Chart!


If you have ever gone through a break-up, this song is guaranteed to speak to you. My second single, Faded Love, was released on Leap Year Day, 2020. It was added to The Fan Voted Chart on April 4, 2020, ending up in the top 6. Below is the official video for your enjoyment. Download your own copy: 

Hit #3 on Chart!

My debut song ended up climbing to the #3 spot on The Fan Voted Chart!  Download your own copy: 

If you are lucky enough to have a best friend, count your blessings. They help you keep your sanity! Dedicated to my best friend. Released 9-28-22. Download your own copy: 

Released 9-28-2022, this tongue-in-cheek song does its own spin of Murphy's Law. Take one step forward, then three steps back. Never seems like you're moving forward. Currently #2 on the Fan Voted Country Chart. Download your own copy: 

So my brother recently retired, and my gift to him is this Americana style song. If you are, or soon will be retired, this is to you as well!! Enjoy. Download your own copy: 

Other Songs Written

Below are 2 songs that I wrote and had recorded by other singers as demos.

Happy Birthday, USA

California, It's a Bust